Elle Varner |Refill

Can I get a refill?
Yeah! Of your time,
Cause you’re intoxicating my mind
Feel like a conversational lush
Cause I don’t know how much is too much, yeah!
I feel like the girl at the bar who’s been there too long
Can’t stand up!

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Drake |Take Care (Feat. Rihanna) 

If you let me, here’s what i’ll do…I’ll take care of you…


John Mayer |Not Myself

Suppose I said..colors change for no good reason
Words will go from poetry into prose
Would you want me when I’m not myself
Waiting now while I am someone else

And I…In time…come around
I always do for you

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Lianne La Havas // Lost & Found

Since I’m properly back now, I’m going to be posting some of what I’ve been listening to over the past few months after keeping you out of the loop for too long. I’ll still be posting lots of, and the flashback will make a return - but I’ll start with this.

I first heard Lianne La Havas last year by accident, when I came across her Willy Mason duet “No Room For Doubt”. I contemplated posting it, but didn’t really think it was special enough and wrote her off as another faceless soul-folk singer. Then I heard “Lost & Found” and that all changed.

“Lost & Found” is such a powerful track. The honesty and harshness of the lyrics cut deep, with the line “you broke me and taught me, to truly hate myself” really standing out. Lianne’s rich vocals display vulnerability as she describes the affects of a destructive relationship. Whether it be in the emotional verses, soulful middle 8, or the quiet outro; that sense of hurt is always there.

The, quiet piano driven instrumental allows this emotion to stand out, creating what is a beautifully intense track. However even in remix form, you can feel just how much pain Lianne has went through. Check out the Lapalux and Ifan Dafydd remixes for extra listening pleasure, as cringeworthy as that may sound.

I don’t know what it is, but this song just sits well with my musical mood today… [L.iving C.olour]

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"You love the way I fit some ideal, not the real woman you’ve yet to understand." |Esperanza Spalding
Lyrics from: Precious 

Bobby Caldwell |Open Your Eyes

There is a light that shines, special for you and me.

Darling, open your eyes.

You may never find a love that’s right. 

As epic enough as Common’s song, The Light is with this sample, I must admit, honestly, that the original song, Open Your Eyes, is just as equally amazing. Also, Bobby Caldwell is just a genius. So, it is only expected that this song is a piece of beautiful art. 

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Miguel |Do You…

Tonight, you and me tonight…

This song has been giving life to my soul for the past day now. Why I haven’t been listening to Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dreams is beyond me?! However, now that this album has been brought into my musical soul, I’ve been a bit more hopeful for the prospects and chance that there is still some decent R&B around. Though, not all of this album is a gem, there happens to be a few songs that stand alone, as gems. Nonetheless, do enjoy this little morsel. It is my favorite thus far.  

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Chrisette Michele |If I Have My Way

My body, my mind, my soul is high…

This song…yes! That is all. Enough said. 

The Weeknd 

Material Girl
@lc4508- (webstagram)

The Weeknd 

Material Girl

@lc4508- (webstagram)